‘Skins’ actress Kaya Scodelario says she’d be ‘tempted’ by ‘Tomb Raider’ reboot role

But she says taking over as Lara Croft from Angelina Jolie would be difficult...

Skins actress Kaya Scodelario has admitted she would be a “little tempted” by the chance to star in a Tomb Raider reboot after rumours linked her with taking over as Lara Croft.

Scodelario, who played Effy in the popular E4 drama series, told Total Film that she did not know where reports linking her with the role had come from and that taking over the role from Angelina Jolie would be daunting – but did say that the project would be “fun”.

It was reported in March of this year that MGM were planning on relaunching the Tomb Raider film franchise following a successful relaunch of the computer game series this year. Speaking about whether she’d want to take on the role, Kaya Scodelario said: “I don’t know where the fuck that’s come from! Imagine having to take over from Angelina Jolie – you just couldn’t, could you? My auntie rang me up and was like, ‘Kaya, I’ve just seen on Google that…’ I’d literally not heard a whisper about that, at all.

She added: “Would I be tempted? A little bit. That would be quite fun. Give me a couple of years to get my fitness up first, and then maybe I’ll tackle that one, but I’ve no idea where that’s come from at all.”

Angelina Jolie won the role of Lara Croft for the first Tomb Raider film in 2001 and also returned for the 2003 sequel The Cradle Of Life in 2003, although she hasn’t portrayed the character since. Scodelario, meanwhile, will take part in her final episode of Skins next week (July 8). The other two episodes of the final series of the show will feature on former characters Cassie and Cook, whose episodes are titled Skins Pure and Skins Rise respectively.