‘Skyfall’ features at least 24 bloopers

Eagle-eyed film fans have been totting up factual and continuity errors online

Eagle-eyed film fans have already spotted over 20 mistakes in record-breaking Bond movie Skyfall.

The film’s page on the self-explanatory Movie Mistakes website now lists 24 clangers, 16 of which are continuity errors. In one scene, Daniel Craig‘s Bond appears to change his shoes by magic, while in another, his frozen martini glass seems to unfreeze in an instant.

Savvy viewers have also pointed out four factual mistakes, including a London Underground journey in which Embankment station somehow ceases to exist. Bond and Javier Bardem‘s Silva hop on the District Line at Temple and alight at the very next stop, which is Westminster in the film when it should be Embankment.

Since it opened on October 26, Skyfall has taken over £81 million at British cinemas – the fifth biggest total in UK box office history. The film has now grossed over $790 million (£490 million) worldwide, making it the most successful Bond movie ever.

Daniel Craig, who makes his third appearance as the iconic spy in Skyfall, is already confirmed for at least two more outings. Earlier this month (November 2012), he dismissed reports that the Bond franchise will continue with a new 007 story spread over two separate films.