This ‘Slender Man’ film trailer turns a meme into a horror movie

It follows on from last year's 'Beware The Slenderman' documentary

A new horror movie based on the internet bogeyman of Slenderman is set for release this year. Watch its first trailer below.

Slender Man will be released on May 18 via Screen Gems. It follows on from last year’s acclaimed HBO documentary, Beware The Slenderman.

This new film follows four high school girls as they attempt to debunk the myth of Slenderman. Sylvain White (The LosersI’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer) directs while David Birke, writer of psychological thriller Elle, has written the screenplay.

Watch the Slender Man trailer beneath.

Slender Man or Slenderman is a supernatural figure who is typically depicted in internet memes as an abnormally tall, thin man with white skin and no facial features.

The first known use of the character was on an internet forum in 2009 by a user called Eric Knudsen. During a Photoshop contest on the website Something Awful, users were challenged to ‘paranormalise’ real-life pictures. Knudsen (going by the username Victor Surge) contributed the original image of Slender Man, holding hands with a young girl.

Since then, Slender Man’s popularity has snowballed online. The character caused a moral panic in 2014 when two teenagers in Wisconsin who tried to murder their friend cited the character as an inspiration for their actions. Last year’s Beware The Slenderman documentary followed the story.