A Sonic the Hedgehog movie is officially on the way

The film is expected in November 2019 - it'll be the first official cinematic adaptation of the popular video game character

A release date for the forthcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has finally been announced.

Reports surrounding the latest adaptation of the much-loved Sega character first surfaced four years ago, but progress on the film has been slow in the intervening years.

Paramount Pictures have now announced that the Sonic film is due for release on November 15, 2019. As Variety reports, the movie is set to be a mix of live-action and CGI Рmuch like the forthcoming Pokémon film Detective Pikachu.

Details on the Sonic film are scarce, with only the simple synopsis – “Sonic and his friends team up to beat the evil Dr Eggman” – currently available. Deadpool director Tim Miller will serve as an executive producer on the film, while his collaborator Jeff Fowler will reportedly helm the movie in what would be his debut feature-length film.

Sonic has never been officially adapted for the big screen, but a number of TV series based on the character have aired since the early 1990s.

The news about the forthcoming Sonic movie follows confirmation earlier this month that a new Super Mario film is currently in the works.

The titular character will be brought to life by Illumination studios, who were behind the Despicable Me and Minions films.