Sony plans female-driven ’21 Jump Street’ spin-off and ‘Men In Black’ crossover film

'Broad City' writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs have been hired to script the spin-off

Instead of developing a straightforward sequel to 22 Jump Street, Sony Pictures is reportedly now working on two rather more novel follow-ups films.

TheWrap reports that the studio is planning a crossover film which will see Jump Street stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill enter the world of Men In Black to investigate extraterrestrial lifeforms living on earth. Where 2012’s 21 Jump Street poked fun at big screen reboots, and 2014’s 22 Jump Street sent up sequels, this film will riff on the emerging trend for crossover blockbusters like next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Meanwhile, Sony is also understood to have hired Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs, two of the writers on cult Comedy Central sitcom Broad City, to script a female-driven 21 Jump Street spin-off film, presumably with a wink to the studio’s forthcoming female-led Ghostbusters reboot starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.

The possibility of a 21 Jump Street/Men In Black crossover film first emerged last December (2014) following the infamous Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, with Jonah Hill describing the idea in one leaked email as “clean and rad and powerful”. It is unknown whether Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who last played Agents J and K in 2012’s Men In Black 3, would be involved in the crossover film.

21 Jump Street, a knowing adaptation of the 1980s US TV series of the same name, was a surprise hit for Sony in 2012, grossing over $200 million (£130 million) worldwide. The 2014 sequel 22 Jump Street proved even more successful, raking in over $330 million (£210 million) at the global box office.