‘Spectre’ actor Andrew Scott on a gay Bond: ‘I don’t see why not’

But Scott cautions that 'you have to be very careful not to do things for the sake of doing them'

Spectre actor Andrew Scott has shared his thoughts on Bond being portrayed as gay or bisexual in a future movie.

In recent years, the possibility of a non-Caucasian, female or gay Bond has become a hot topic as speculation about Daniel Craig’s future in the role continues to swirl. Over the weekend, former 007 star Roger Moore suggested that depicting Bond as anything other than a heterosexual male would not be “true to the character” that Bond author Ian Fleming originally wrote.

However, in a recent interview with NME, Scott spoke more positively about the prospect of a non-heterosexual Bond, saying: “I think you have to be very careful not to do things for the sake of doing them. But yeah, I don’t see why not. [But] you have to think about those things based on the nucleus of a very sound idea, and not just be cavalier about those things.”

Continuing, Scott went on to praise a scene in the previous Bond movie, Skyfall, in which Craig’s 007 hints that he may have had a sexual encounter with another man. “I think that was really beautifully done in Skyfall,” Scott added. “I think what I’m all for is a lack of labelling. A black actor could play Bond and bring all sorts of attributes to the character that have nothing to do with his colour – the same with a female, and the same with a gay actor. You don’t play gay, and you don’t play black, and you don’t play female. You play the attributes that the character has.”

Scott appears in Spectre, which opens in UK cinemas today (October 26), as a member of the British government called Denbigh who clashes with Craig’s Bond and Ralph Fiennes’ M. Read the NME review of ‘Spectre’ here, and watch Scott discussing the possibility of a gay or bisexual Bond below.