Spectre is the most complained about film of 2015

Audiences weren't happy with the 12A rating

British censors have revealed that James Bond movie Spectre was the most complained about film in 2015, receiving 40 complaints.

The complaints centered around the age rating given to the film – 12A – despite its scenes of eye-gouging and head-drilling.

The chief executive of the British Board of Film Classification, David Austin, said: “By our standards it is quite a lot of complaints but the box office for Spectre is £94m so in context it is a tiny proportion.”


The Guardian reports that the BBFC’s annual report points out that there was no blood and no sign of injury and the film “instead uses sound and Bond’s facial expressions to suggest his pain”.

“Given the lack of detail, and the audience expectation that Bond will inevitably escape and survive such threats, the scene is within the BBFC guidelines’ allowance for depictions of violence at 12A,” it says.

The 24th Bond outing opened in America on November 6 2015, two weeks after its UK premiere, where it beat Jurassic World out to claim the biggest UK box office opening of the year.

Spectre has also been revealed as the longest Bond film to date. Running at 148 minutes, the latest film directed by Sam Mendes beats out 2006’s Casino Royale, which had a running time 144 minutes. The last Bond film, 2012’s Skyfall, was a shade shorter than that at 143 minutes.