Spielberg wanted for Moses epic

Warner Bros seeking director for 'Gods And Kings'

As reported by Deadline, Spielberg has read the script for Gods And Kings – written by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine – which is under production by Dan Lin, producer of Terminator: Salvation and Sherlock Holmes.

If Spielberg did sign on for the project, and it is a big if, Warner Bros would need to share the picture with Spielberg’s own company, DreamWorks.

While the project is still very much under wraps, it is understood that the film will not be a remake of the Charlton Heston starring The Ten Commandments.

Gods And Kings is the latest addition to a host of Hollywood biblical epics currently in development.

As well as Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky’s potential take on the story of Noah, a version of the tale of David and Goliath is also being mooted, with The Rock and Twilight star Taylor Lautner in the running to star.

Earlier this month it was announced that Mel Gibson would be making a film about the Jewish hero Juddah Maccabee, who led his people to freedom against the Greek-Syrian army.