‘Spring Breakers’ to get ‘remix’ from director Harmony Korine

Provocative film starring James Franco became an instant cult classic when released in April

Director Harmony Korine is planning to make a “remix” of his hit hipster flick Spring Breakers.

Spring Breakers became an instant cult classic when it opened in cinemas this April (2013) thanks to its combination of adult themes and provocative casting.

Former Disney stars Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson, joined by Korine’s wife Rachel, play a posse of college students who carry out an armed robbery on a restaurant to pay for their holiday to Florida. While partying in the sunshine state, they get busted for drugs and become involved with a dodgy drug dealer played by James Franco.

The film’s blog buzz translated into box office success, with Spring Breakers grossing over $31 million (£20 million) at cinemas worldwide from a modest $5 million (3.2 million) budget. Now Korine has revealed he wants to create an entirely new version of the movie. “I had this idea,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

“With music remixes sometimes, when certain producers take a song and chop them up and deconstruct them – why not try that with a feature film? Using all different footage, making the same film all over again.”

Asked if he’s recruiting other filmmakers to help with the “remix”, Korine replied coyly, saying: “I’m working with different people. Maybe that’s a surprise. Let’s just say for right now there’ll be a whole alternate film at some point. Maybe on the DVD, maybe on iTunes. It’ll be the first chopped and screwed movie.”

The Spring Breakers DVD due out in the US on July 9 doesn’t list a “remix” in its product description, so Korine’s “chopped and screwed” movie is presumably a way off yet. The DVD and Blu-ray comes out in the UK on August 12. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch the film’s original cinematic trailer.