Stanley Kubrick’s daughter addresses conspiracy theory that he directed ‘fake’ moon landing

Vivian Kubrick says it 'feels like the right time to respond' to rumours

The daughter of late film great Stanley Kubrick has responded to the long-asserted conspiracy theory that the movie-maker helped direct footage of the so-called “fake” moon landing.

2012 documentary Room 237 addresses how Kubrick’s work, such as The Shining, makes reference to the idea that Kubrick aided the US government in faking the first moon landing in 1969.

Responding to the news via Twitter, Vivian Kubrick said that while she was “too aware of the dreadful manipulations perpetrated by governments”, her father would be “the very last person EVER to assist the US Government in such a terrible betrayal of its people”.

“How can anyone believe that one of the greatest defenders of mankind would commit such an act of betrayal?”, she added. “I actually knew him! I lived and worked with him so forgive my harshness when I state categorically: the so-called ‘truth’ these malicious cranks persist in forwarding… is manifestly A GROTESQUE LIE.”

See her tweet in full below.

Recent film Moonwalkers, starring Ron Perlman, Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan, was based around the theory that the CIA had sought after Kubrick to fake the moon landings.