‘Star Trek 2’ moves forward

JJ Abrams close to signing on to direct

Star Trek 2 looks set to move into pre-production with JJ Abrams back at the helm.

Deadline.com reports that the Super 8 director is back from his holidays and working on the script to the follow-up with writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof.

The film was originally hoped to hit screens on June 29, 2012. That date now looks even less likely with Paramount giving the release slot to GI Joe: Retaliation instead.

While Abrams has yet to officially sign up to direct the sequel, he told Collider about the project earlier this month:


“We’re working really hard to try and get that movie made as soon as possible but we don’t want to rush anything. The worst thing we could possibly do would be to put something into production to make a release date instead of a great movie.”

The film will also see the return of the 2009 cast with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto set to reprise their roles as Kirk and Spock. Simon Pegg will also be back as Scotty.

Since the first ‘reboot’ Abrams has only filmed one feature, Super 8, while keeping busy producing everything from Fringe to the latest Mission: Impossible film.

Super 8 is due for release on August 5. Star Trek 2 will mostly likely appear either late 2012, or summer 2013.