‘Star Wars’ actor Mark Hamill pulls pints at Irish village pub

Luke Skywalker pops into a small village pub after a hard day's filming on 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

Drinkers at a small pub in southwest Ireland got a surprise yesterday when Star Wars legend Mark Hamill popped in and offered to help pull pints.

The Luke Skywalker actor is currently shooting Star Wars: Episode VIII on Skellig Michael, an historic island off the coast of County Kerry. During a break from filming, Hamill returned to the mainland and sought liquid refreshment at the Bridge Bar in the village of Portmagee.

“There was a great atmosphere in the bar last night as Luke Skywalker got behind the bar to give the lads a hand,” Bridge Bar punter Steve Lynott told The Irish Examiner.

“He was very generous with his time. Despite getting off the shoot late in the day, he stood for pictures and signed autographs for children and still had to get up early this morning for more filming.”

Meanwhile, a fellow drinker shared a picture of Hamill’s stint as a barman on Twitter.

The actor has since tweeted to thank locals for the warm welcome he has received while staying in County Kerry, writing: “Ireland is simply heaven on earth! The people here treat you like family.”