‘Star Wars’ actress Natalie Portman: ‘I haven’t seen ‘The Force Awakens’ yet’

Portman played Queen Amidala in George Lucas's 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy

Former Star Wars actress Natalie Portman has admitted she has yet to watch The Force Awakens.

Portman played the female lead, Queen Amidala, in George Lucas’s trilogy of Star Wars prequel films which came out between 1999 and 2005. However, she has yet to discover how J.J. Abrams’ new instalment continues the epic space saga.

“I haven’t been able to see it yet,” she revealed during an interview on Good Morning America yesterday morning (January 27).

“[But] I’ve heard it’s amazing and it’s so nice that it’s sort of this continuing part of everyone’s shared cultural knowledge,” the actress added.

George Lucas, the director of the first six Star Wars films, including the three starring Portman, was credited as a creative consultant on The Force Awakens but in practice had very little input.

“They wanted to do a retro movie. I don’t like that,” he revealed in December when asked why he wasn’t more involved.

“They weren’t that keen to have me involved anyway, but if I get in there, I’m just going to cause trouble, because they’re not going to do what I want them to do,” he continued. “And I don’t have the control to do that any more, and all I would do is muck everything up. And so I said,’‘OK, I will go my way, and I’ll let them go their way.'”

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