Ron Howard narrates the story of ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ in the style of Arrested Development

The most ambitious crossover event in history?

Arrested Development narrator and Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard has explained the story of Star Wars: A New Hope in the style of, you guessed it, Arrested Development.

The new sketch video is a new addition to YouTube channel The Star Wars show. The channel describes itself as “a weekly 7(ish) minute look at Star Wars from inside Lucasfilm headquarters featuring news, behind-the-scenes features, special guests and more!”

The channel’s producer Scott Bromley tweeted the new video, writing, “I wrote an Arrested Development Star Wars sketch for The Star Wars Show and then we got @RealRonHoward to narrate it. I’ve had a lot of career highlights but that was one of the books! Enjoy!” You can see the tweet and watch the video below.

Yesterday (May 1) it was revealed that ahead of Arrested Development’s fifth season, creator Mitch Hurwitz will be releasing a remixed version of season four, turning it into a more conventional, 22 episode format.

The remixed version will feature 22 episodes and will follow a more conventional structure.

Hurwitz originally “pursued [season four] as a comedic experiment to see if new jokes and a new perspective would emerge from a remix that features all the Bluths in every episode”.

Season four was originally released with each episode focusing on one character’s perspective in an over-arching story.

Hurwitz later explained that he felt the season was “akin to eating some toast, then some bacon — maybe a sliced tomato followed by some turkey, and realising, ‘Hey, I think I just had a BLT.’” The new season will be released this Friday on Netflix (May 4).