‘Star Wars’: C-3PO’s story is “not over” says Anthony Daniels

JJ Abrams isn't too keen on letting Threepio be resigned to the history books

Star Wars mainstay and C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels has stated his belief that the robotic character will return in the future.

Daniels has played C-3PO in 11 of the 12 instalments in the Star Wars universe.

At the start of last year, Daniels bid farewell to Star Wars after his last day on set for Episode IX, The Rise Of Skywalker.


“Today was 3PO’s last on Episode IX,” Daniels wrote on Twitter at the time. “He’s sad – so am I. But we’re so proud to have worked with such a lovely, talented cast & crew lead by [director] J.J. [Abrams] & [producer] Kathy [Kennedy].

“I’ll miss everyone but I’m glad to know that we’ve been making something exceptional together, to share with the waiting world.”

Anthony Daniels and C3PO

Now, speaking on US chat show The View, Daniels revealed how he spoke to Rise Of Skywalker director JJ Abrams on set for the film, and that Abrams wasn’t as keen to resign C3PO to death as Daniels was.

“He’s not over,” Daniels said. “I said to [Abrams] when we were filming, ‘Maybe it’s time to put Threepio to sleep’, you know? To give him an end!

“And [Abrams] said, ‘Not on my watch’.” Watch the interview below.


Anthony Daniels revealed last year that he was originally “insulted” to have been offered the role of C-3PO.

“It’s very odd because I didn’t want the interview with George Lucas. I was insulted to be offered the part, or to discuss the part of a robot in a low budget science fiction film,” he said.

“My agent made me go, and here I am today. I am now a heritage player. I have to get this right, because I keep calling us heirloom players, which I’m told is a type of vegetable, or tomato. It’s Harrison [Ford], Mark Hamill, Billy [Dee Williams] and I – and more.”

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