‘Star Wars’ director responds after 20,000 fans call for George Lucas’ return

A petition was recently launched to remove 'Jurassic World' filmmaker Colin Trevorrow from his role

Director Colin Trevorrow has addressed a petition that aims to get George Lucas back to direct the final film in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow is currently on board as director for Episode IX, which is scheduled for release in 2019. However, Yuri Luiz of São Paolo, Brazil recently started a Change.org petition aimed at getting him replaced by Lucas. Over 20,000 fans have signed the petition.

“We have no problem with Colin Trevorrow, but he’s not the right guy to direct Star Wars Episode IX,” Luiz explained in the petition. “George Lucas as director of Episode IX would be the perfect way to end this new trilogy and make an epic farewell between the father of Star Wars and the whole universe of the galaxy far, far away… ”

In response, Trevorrow has told Entertainment Tonight: “It’s funny, I saw that, and it was on a day where I was at LucasFilm giving this big speech to everyone about how we want to channel the invention and just the raw creativity and the boldness that George brought to these films and not being afraid that we’re going to embarrass ourselves by doing something that might be crazy.”

Lucas, who would be 74 when the film is due for release, has previously stated his lack of interest in working on any further titles in the space opera series. The director created the original trilogy of films before returning to oversee three more titles in 1999. He sold the rights to the series to Disney for $4bn in October 2012.

Disney are thought to be planning a new Star Wars movie every year from 2015 onwards, including both a new trilogy and a series of spin-off movies taking the series through to around 2020.