‘Star Wars” Mark Hamill pays undercover visit to Hollywood Boulevard dressed as a stormtrooper

Luke Skywalker actor hit the street to promote a new 'Star Wars'-affiliated charity campaign

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill recently visited Hollywood Boulevard dressed as a stormtrooper to promote a new charity campaign.

“The last time anybody saw me in a stormtrooper outfit was when we rescued the princess off the Death Star,” Hamill says in a video for the campaign, referring to a classic sequence from the original 1977 Star Wars film.

In the video, Hamill hits the famous LA street hidden behind a stormtrooper mask and comes face to face with a street actor dressed as his on-screen nemesis Darth Vader. He also hears himself referred to as “Mark Hamilton” by one Star Wars fan who does not realise who is behind the mask.

The Luke Skywalker actor made the video to publicise Omaze.com’s Star Wars: Force For Change charity campaign. Fans who donate to the campaign are given a chance to win VIP tickets to the London or LA premieres of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where they will also get to meet the cast.

Hamill recently revealed that he lost 50lbs for his return as Luke Skywalker in the new Star Wars film, which opens in UK cinemas on December 17 and in the US a day later. Watch him dressed as a stormtrooper for the charity campaign below.