The guy who started the petition to have ‘The Last Jedi’ deleted now regrets it

Henry Walsh from Georgia called on Disney to remake the film

The man who started a petition to have Star Wars: The Last Jedi deleted has now admitted that he regrets his actions.

Henry Walsh from Georgia set up the petition after seeing the movie. He demanded that Disney strike down Star Wars: The Last Jedi from history, push back plans for Star Wars: Episode IX and to also remake Episode VIII so it was more to his liking. The petition has since amassed over 45,000 signatures.

“Just as you wiped out 30 years of stories, we ask you to wipe out one more, the Last Jedi. Remove it from canon, push back Episode IX and re-make Episode VIII properly to redeem Luke Skywalker’s legacy, integrity, and character,” he wrote.


“We stuck by you when you did things that hurt us before, so we ask you now, please don’t let this film stand. Don’t do this to us. Don’t take something so many of us loved so much and destroy it like this. Let us keep our heroes.”

In a new petition update, Walsh has now explained that he created the petition while he was on strong painkillers after a vehicle accident.

“I still do not like this film. I only know that the petition, which was made in a moment of compromised common sense, can’t achieve the goal that was set for it. It was meant as a way to blow off steam, and in the grand scope of realism there is a 0% chance that Disney would strip TLJ from canon, and they absolutely won’t delay Episode IX to remake Episode VIII. That was a flight of fancy, and a sarcastic statement.”


Walsh said that contrary to some rumours, he had not been paid off by Disney. “What I did do, however, was urge you to all aim your signatures and donations into a better direction. That isn’t me saying you shouldn’t sign this petition to show Disney you’re annoyed at them. Please feel free to do so,” he wrote.


“That being said, we have, at the time of me writing this, over 25,000 people in one place. We are all passionate about Star Wars. This is a tremendous amount of power that can be used for good. So yes, I still urge everyone coming here to sign petitions that are important, I urge them all to help people who are in need, because we are people and we are gathered, and it is the holidays, and that is just a decent thing to do.” You can see the petition here and the updated statement here.

Walsh then directed readers to A Force For Change – an organisation that ‘aims to support the immense passion and goodwill of our fans and promote change through inspiration, stories and meaningful partnerships- to bring out the hero in all of us.’