Stars of 90s teen classic ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ want a reunion movie

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry are both interested in a belated sequel

Two of the stars of cult 1998 teen movie Can’t Hardly Wait appear to be pushing for a sequel.

Named after a 1987 song by The Replacements, Can’t Hardly Wait is notable for taking place entirely at a high-school graduation party. Its young cast included Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose and Peter Facinelli.

Earlier this week, for no apparent reason, Love Hewitt tweeted to suggest a Can’t Hardly Wait reunion movie.

Now Ethan Embry has revealed that he is interested in a reunion movie too, telling HuffPost: “Of course, I would be thrilled to work with any of the players involved again. Jennifer, Peter, Seth, working with them back then, we were so young – it was a tremendous experience at such a wonderful time in my career, that if all the stars aligned, I would be happy to entertain that possibility.”

However, Embry confirmed that there is nothing official in the works yet, adding: “Right now it is just a hypothetical, so here’s to dreaming.”

Though Can’t Hardly Wait wasn’t a huge hit at the time, it has built a loyal following in the 17 years since its release and NME recently included it in our gallery of 10 Teen Movies From The 90s That Are Still Amazing Today. Check out the full list here.