Stephen Graham nearly killed Leonardo DiCaprio in golf cart incident

"It was like it fell in slow motion"

Stephen Graham has revealed he almost killed Leonardo DiCaprio in a golf cart accident.

The pair both starred in Martin Scorsese’s 2002 film Gangs Of New York, and Graham recalled an incident from the production’s set in this week’s episode of The Big Narstie Show.

Graham was asked by co-host Mo Gilligan about the crash while on the show, saying it was “an accident” and that it was “faster than a normal golf cart”.


“It was an accident! We used to drive golf carts on set,” Graham explained of DiCaprio. “He used to have this golf cart and I went – give us a go. And he went, alright! So we were rallying it round, and it was a faster than a normal golf cart, and we were going down this hill and I just kinda pulled the lever and switched it round and it just started to tilt.

“It was like it fell in slow motion. Alex [Howden] was in the back and he was just like ‘What the fuck!!’ and I was like “oh no!” and it landed and he [DiCaprio] jumped out – but we could have broken his leg!”

Meanwhile, Stephen Graham will soon be starring in a new series about illegal boxing in 1880s Victorian London from Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight.

A Thousand Blows s due to be released on Disney+, and will star Graham as Sugar Goodson, a London boxer. The actor will also executive produce, alongside Knight who also wrote and created the show.