Stephen Graham played Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ to hype up the ‘Boiling Point’ cast

"It's really beautiful, we're all jumping around just before action"

Boiling Point star Ray Panthaki has revealed that co-star Stephen Graham helped the cast get into the zone by playing Eminem‘s ‘Lose Yourself’ on set.

The intense film is set in a restaurant kitchen and is shot in one-take, focusing on Graham’s head chef and the team around him.

Panthaki, who plays chef Freeman, opened up exclusively to NME at last night’s (March 13) BAFTAs about his fond memories on set, recalling how his co-star helped his fellow cast members get hyped up.


“Stephen Graham [pumped] us all up by playing Eminem[‘s ‘Lose Yourself’] before we did the take… getting us all pumped up, ready to do it,” he revealed.

Stephen Graham in 'Boiling Point'
Stephen Graham in ‘Boiling Point’. CREDIT: Alamy Stock Photo / Vertigo Releasing

“I just remember that ‘Lose Yourself’ moment – someone’s caught it on video somewhere. It’s really beautiful, we’re all jumping around just before action. I’ll find it, we’ll dig it out.”

The star also recalled some other memorable moments, revealing the relief the cast all felt when they finished filming the film’s one take.

“I think it was the feeling, the cheer that went up in the air once we cut. And it was literally like scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup final,” Panthaki said.

“It was that feeling, that kind of release… it was just a cheer, because we all knew that we’d got something that we thought was quite special. And it was just the teamwork that had gone into making that happen. There’s so many beautiful memories from that.”


Vinette Robinson, Ray Panthaki and Stephen Graham in 'Boiling Point'
Vinette Robinson, Ray Panthaki and Stephen Graham in ‘Boiling Point’. CREDIT: Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo / Vertigo Releasing

The star also admitted there were “little things that went wrong” that viewers may not have noticed, explaining one mistake he himself made that Graham managed to “style out”.

“There’s a moment in the film, just before Stephen burns his hand on a pot, and I was supposed to put it in a certain place on the cooker, and I missed that moment and not put it there, I put it on the side,” he noted.

“Stephen does a beautiful job of realising that as he’s walking towards it and styling it out in a way where he picks it up and throws it, and you’d never know it didn’t come off the cooker.”

Boiling Point was up for four BAFTAs at the 2022 ceremony, including Outstanding British Film of the Year and Best Leading Actor for Graham.

The big winner of the night was Dune, which took home five awards across technical and music categories, while The Power Of The Dog won Best Film and Best Director for Jane Campion.