Stephen King’s ‘It’ remake begins filming

New version of horror classic was first announced in 2009

Filming has finally begun on the remake of Stephen King’s horror classic It, seven years after it was first announced by studio bosses.

Director Andres Muschietti posted an Instagram photo of his director’s chair emblazoned with a blood-red It logo with the caption “Day one”.

The new film stars Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the clown, as played by Tim Curry in the original from 1990.

Day one

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Others in the cast include Javier Botet, Owen Teague and Jaeden Lieberher. Botet starred in Muschietti’s 2013 horror film Mama, which he co-wrote with Luther creator Neil Cross.

Warner Bros first announced it was remaking It in 2009. The first director, Beasts Of No Nations’s Cary Fukunaga, left in 2015. The original from 1990 was a two-part TV movie, and Warner initially wanted their remake to be released in two parts to do justice to King’s 1138-page novel.

Published in 1986, King’s book centres around a shapeshifter which can transform itself into its victims’ worst nightmares. Its most common appearance was as Pennywise. A group of outsider children team up to try to defeat Pennywise.

It’s believed that Argentine director Muschietti’s new film updates the setting to the present day, rather than keeping the original’s 1980s scenario.

King’s new book End Of Watch, his 55th novel, was published in June.