Stephen King unveils vampire heavy ‘The Shining’ sequel – video

Author previews 'Dr. Sleep' at literary festival

Stephen King has previewed a chapter from the ‘work-in-progress’ follow-up to The Shining, a return to his former best-seller which is said to include psychic vampires.

The novel sequel, Dr. Sleep, will follow Danny Torrance as an adult, as he looks after the elderly in a care home.

As reported by Deadline, the psychic child – now a grown man – comforts those on death’s door until a group of psychic vampires, called The Tribe, turn up.

The successful writer said of his inspiration to return to one of his most accomplished novels, “I’ve always wondered what happened to that kid in The Shining.”

The Shining, first published in 1977, was subsequently made into the classic horror starring Jack Nicholson. Danny Lloyd played the young Danny ‘Doc’ Torrence.


It has often been rumoured that King was not a fan of the Stanley Kubrick directed version of his novel. His disdain culminated in the author producing a TV mini-series himself, sticking closer to his original tome.

Stephen King’s next novel 11/23/63, telling of a time-travelling teacher trying to stop the assassination of President Kennedy, is due out in November.


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