Steve Coogan teases further ‘Alan Partridge’ movie plot details

Comedian opens up about 'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa'

Steve Coogan has teased further plot details about the forthcoming Alan Partridge movie.

With Norfolk’s finest DJ set to make his big screen debut in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, the comedian had previously revealed that the film would see the character in the midst of a “hostage situation” and suggested it would be a cross between classic hostage thriller Dog Day Afternoon and ’70s TV industry satire Network.

Now, speaking in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show to be broadcast on ITV tonight, Coogan said: “Alan is in Norwich and he’s DJing on North Norfolk Digital, but a big horrible company called Gordale Media comes along to take over the radio station, rob it of all its personality and change it from North Norfolk Digital to ‘Shape’.

“Lots of people get sacked and to cut a long story short, there’s a big siege at the radio station, when all the world’s media descend on it, and Alan is at the centre of it as the negotiator between the gunman and the police outside.”

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on August 7. Coogan’s signature character was last seen in the web series Mid Morning Matters, and in two TV specials for Sky Atlantic, Welcome To The Places Of My Life and Alan Partridge On Open Books.