Steve-O got doctor to paralyse him from the waist down for upcoming ‘Jackass 4’

"...before all kinds of terrible shit happened to me"

Jackass star Steve-O has revealed that he convinced a doctor to paralyse him from the waist down for a stunt in Jackass 4.

The upcoming film will mark the first big screen outing for the Jackass team since 2013’s Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, with the star due to reunite with the likes of Johnny Knoxville and Jason Acuña.

In a new clip on his YouTube channel, Steve-O revealed one particularly extreme stunt that he filmed for the movie, sharing a snippet of the moment.


“I might have actually talked a doctor into dressing up as a clown so that he could put a four inch needle into my spine and inject me with a drug that would paralyse me from the waist down while I was sprinting and before all kinds of terrible shit happened to me,” the stunt performer said.

Confirming another gross stunt, he explained: “I’m getting ready to do a world record highest belly flop ever performed into pure piss. That’s why I have 190 gallons of piss in my front yard at home.”

Last year, Steve-O and Knoxville were hospitalised just days into filming Jackass 4, Bam Margera posting a video that explained the pair were trying to jump on a moving treadmill while trying to carry musical instruments.

“Second day of filming Jackass and already Steve-O and Knoxville are hospitalised by jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment,” Margera said from a hospital waiting room.

He added: “Fuckin’ tubas.”


Steve-O spoke to NME a few years ago about his hopes for a franchise reunion, saying at the time: “I think the odds of a fourth Jackass film are virtually non-existent.

“The chances of us getting together for an unrelated project are much higher and I know that myself and Johnny Knoxville are both working on separate films that will allow for us to do all the stunts and antics that we’re known for built into a script.

“Both movies have a Jackie Chan approach, which is a story loaded with all kinds of physical stunts. We’re in a race as to who can get our movie out first.”

‘Jackass 4’ is due out on October 22.

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