Steven Spielberg ‘brainstorming ideas’ for new ‘Jurassic Park’ film

Director considering bringing back dinosaurs for fourth franchise instalment?

Steven Spielberg is considering bringing back Jurassic Park for a fourth instalment, according to a report.

The director has been meeting with screenwriter Mark Protosevich to “kick around ideas” with a view to rebooting the franchise, claims.

The report states that the meetings have been “purely exploratory” and that studio Universal and Spielberg‘s camp have not commissioned anyone to write a script.

Spielberg directed the original adaptation of Michael Crichton‘s 1990 novel and its sequel The Lost World, and was an executive producer on 2001’s Jurassic Park 3.

He is also due to launch a dinosaur-themed TV series on US network Fox in the autumn.

Earlier this year, franchise star Sam Neill said that there would be no more films in the series, telling MTV News: “I think we’ve told the story”.

He also cited the deaths of Crichton and franchise special effects designer Stan Winston in 2008 as reasons why the dinosaurs wouldn’t be brought back for another instalment.

“No Stan, no Jurassic Park really,” Neill added.