Steven Spielberg in talks to remake ‘The Grapes Of Wrath’

Director's DreamWorks studio has approached John Steinbeck estate

Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks studio is in talks to remake The Grapes Of Wrath.

According to Deadline, the studio has approached the estate of author John Steinbeck, who wrote the book, originally published in 1939. It was adapted for the silver screen a year later, with the resulting film, directed by John Ford, going on to win two Oscars out of seven nominations.

It’s thought Spielberg isn’t interested in directing the film himself, and will produce it. The Grapes Of Wrath, like Steinbeck’s other classic Of Mice And Men, deals with the search for a better life during The Great Depression of the 1930s. The central characters, the Joads, head to California from Oklahoma, but are beaten down by poverty and hunger. In the original film, Tom Joad is played by Henry Fonda.


Deadline also report Robert Redford was interested in securing the rights to Steinbeck’s book in order to make a TV mini-series until Spielberg persuaded the estate his offer was best. The rights to the classic novel come with complications, as Fox made the original film and even though the domestic rights reverted to the Steinbeck estate, the foreign rights to the film are controlled by the studio.