Stunt doubles get married after meeting on ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ set

Dane and Dayna Grant now run a school for stunt performers together in New Zealand

New Zealand stunt doubles Dane and Dayna Grant have shared the story of how they fell in love after meeting on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road in Namibia.

Experienced stunt performer Dayna doubled for Charlize Theron during the post-apocalyptic blockbuster’s lengthy 2012-3 shoot, while Dane, a relative newcomer to stunt performing, doubled for Tom Hardy during early rehearsal scenes. “I saw Dayna straight away – she was the only girl from New Zealand and she stood out like a sore thumb,” Dane told Stuff. “I saw her bag with her name on it and my opening line was literally, ‘Hi. I see you’re Dayna. I’m Dane’. That was about it.”

The couple, who describe their meeting on the Mad Max: Fury Road set as “love at first sight”, have since tied the knot and now live together in their native New Zealand, where they run a school for stunt performers. Last year Dana gave birth to their one-year-old son, Ryder.


Shortly after Mad Max: Fury Road opened to glowing reviews in cinemas last month (May), Dayna tweeted a picture of the couple taken when they met on the film’s set.

“We weren’t sure if it was going to be that big. You just never know what it’s going to be like but you hope that every film you do is going to be epic,” Dana said of the film’s success. Dane added: “But I cannot say it enough; the work that Dayna does – that everyone does on this – absolutely shines through in bucket loads. I’m so proud.”

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