‘Suicide Squad’ star Joel Kinnaman secures restraining order against model who accused him of rape

Kinnaman has denied any wrongdoing

The Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman has secured a restraining order against model Gabriella Magnusson, who he was previously dating.

Kinnaman, who plays Colonel Rick Flag in the DC Comics movie, outlined the alleged ordeal on Friday (August 6) in an Instagram post.

He said the model, who uses the name Bella Davis, was “threatening to publicise false information” about him, including the allegation he raped her in 2018.

“I want to be VERY clear so there is no misunderstanding,” he wrote. “I stand by all victims of sexual assault. This is not what occurred here. This was consensual sex. And now it is an attempt to extort.”

The actor said he had recorded a phone conversation in which Davis confirmed the sex was consensual and physically threatened him.

Court documents reveal that Kinnaman also alleges that Davis vowed to smear him in public “with fabricated, vile rumours unless I agree to a list of demands that includes money, Hollywood connections” and other demands including $400,000 for an apartment, a Sports Illustrated photo shoot and a verified Instagram page.

Kinnaman said there were “escalating daily threats of harm to me and my family and my loved ones” by Davis and claimed she was extorting him.

Davis has subsequently denied having “ever threatened or asked for money”.

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