‘Super 8’ director J.J. Abrams discusses working with Spielberg – video

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Super 8, the coming-of-age/monster movie from Lost creator J.J. Abrams and film legend Steven Spielberg, is out this week.

To whet your appetite we have a super, behind the scenes video featuring interviews with the cast and crew, as well as clips from the movie.

Super 8 tells the story of Joe (Joel Courtney) and his friends, whose low-budget film shoot is interrupted by a spectacular train crash, a crash which unleashes something into their town.

Talking about the origin of the story, director J.J. Abrams and producer Spielberg, discuss how, when they were kids, all they wanted to do was make movies, most of which they’d film on Super 8.


The film harkens back to the days of Spielberg‘s greatest triumphs, E.T. and Close Encounters, and owes a huge debt to the bearded director.

Super 8 has received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, with NME describing it as a “blockbuster that should be cherished”.

Earlier this year, Super 8 opened to the top spot in the US.

Super 8 is released in the UK on Friday (August 5).Video