‘Super 8’ opens at Number One in US

Opening figures 'comfortable' for Spielberg produced science fiction thriller

J.J. Abrams‘ latest science fiction movie, Super 8, has opened at the Number One spot in the US.

With a reported take of $37m (£22.7m), Super 8‘s opening has been deemed strong in some quarters, weak in others.

In the ‘pro’ camp, industry experts are pointing to the fact that for a film with no A-list actors above the title which has been clouded secrecy and with a reported budget of $50m (£30.8m), the opening is as good as expected.

It is also something of a rarity to see a non-franchise movie – a film which is not a sequel and not based on an existing product – topping the charts in the summer.

Others have argued, however, that the mere mention of Steven Spielberg, who is attached as producer, and the fact that the film is seen as a homage to his own movies, is an indication that Super 8 should have opened better.


The secretive sci-fi flick is one of four films this year – Transformers:Dark of the Moon, Real Steel, Cowboys and Aliens – that is able to boast some involvement by the bearded wonder.

Many involved are hoping, mainly due to almost universally positive reviews, that Super 8 will buck the usual trend of heavy drop-offs after opening weekend.

With only The Green Lantern as competition next week, Super 8 could quite easily hold firm and show its staying power.

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The UK release date for Super 8 is August 5 2011.