‘Swiss Army Man’: Controversial film starring Daniel Radcliffe gets trailer

The movie, with Radcliffe as the farting corpse of a suicide victim, has divided audiences

A controversial film featuring Daniel Radcliffe as the talking, farting corpse of a suicide victim has received its first trailer.

When it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Swiss Army Man created enough buzz that hundreds of festival-goers had to be turned away at the door. Its surreal, graphic content went on to prompt more than a few of them to walk out before it finished.

In the trailer Hank, played by Paul Dano, is on the verge of killing himself when he sees the corpse of another man – Radcliffe – wash up on the beach. A little out of his mind, Hank befriends the corpse, who is called Manny, which eventually starts talking back, and the two start to go on a series of what seem like uplifting if grotesque adventures as they rediscover themselves. Watch it below:


Radcliffe seems determined to shed the wholesome image he’s had since his days playing Harry Potter, and one recurring gag in the movie features an erection his corpse has which just won’t subside. Gross-out jokes about masturbation and the flatulence of dead bodies abound, while Manny’s corpse is used as a multipurpose tool for chopping wood and jet-skiing around the island.

Also starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, ‘Swiss Army Man’, which was written and directed by a music video directing duo called Daniels (Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan), is released on 17 June.