‘Tattoo Fixers’ stars respond to critics: ‘We give people the tattoos they want’

Some people feel the show creates needlessly extravagant body art

Tattoo Fixers stars Alice Perrin and Jay Hutton have responded to critics who claim the show is sensationalist and creates needlessly extravagant body art.

The UK’s Tattoo and Piercing Union has branded the show “unrealistic” and “dangerous”, while earlier this year a campaign demanding that E4 axe the series received support from tattoo artists on social media.

Reactions from the show’s guests have been mixed. One of the show’s participants, Daniel Head, described it as “brutal” in a Facebook post. Another guest said the show was “brilliant” and that she was “shocked” by Head’s allegations.

Perrin and Hutton have now insisted that they simply give guests on the show the body art that they ask for. “If the customer wanted a small tattoo, we’d do a small tattoo,” Perrin told The Daily Star.

“But they don’t ask for that,” Hutton added. “People might have a tiny little tattoo but they say: ‘I really want flowers going up my side.’ Or I tattooed a lad who had a tiny little bit of writing on his hip. It’s an easy little cover but he said he wanted a silverback gorilla!”

Perrin and Hurron return in Tattoo Fixers On Holiday, which begins at 9pm on E4 tonight (July 26).