Ted Nugent calls coronavirus “not a real pandemic” in Christmas message

He also claimed that there is "no systemic racism in America"

Ted Nugent has claimed that the coronavirus is “not a real pandemic” among a host of outlandish claims put forward in a Christmas message to fans.

Going live on Facebook on Christmas Day (December 25), Nugent also insulted US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and claimed that George Floyd “killed himself with fentanyl”.

“Merry Christmas,” he began. “Ho, ho, ho! No, not you Camel-a,” he added, deliberately mispronouncing Harris’ name.


“So here I am connecting with you on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas everybody around the world,” he added, reeling off a list of countries where he believes he has fans, arriving at “England, the once great Britain”.

“Because it ain’t great any more. Bunch of sheep. You know the new national anthem over there? The new national anthem around the world? Baaah! Baaah! Baaah! Baaah! Yeah, let me put this mask on. Baaah!”

Posted by Ted Nugent on Friday, December 25, 2020

Nugent went on to ask fans to “decree every day of your life that we are good people in America. That there’s no systemic racism in America. There’s systemic racism in Black Lives Matter.

“There’s systemic racism in the Sudan,” he continued, “There’s systemic racism in Nigeria. But there’s no systemic racism — almost no racism at all in America. You gotta really look hard to find it. I haven’t seen any.”

Moving on to Floyd’s death, which sparked a summer of global anti-racism protests, Nugent said: “George Floyd killed himself with fentanyl. He couldn’t breathe all by himself in the backseat. He fought the cops. They tried to subdue him, to maybe get him some help, and to save the community that he had thugged all his life.


“So I’m identifying the scourge of the devils so that we can celebrate the positive birth of Jesus Christ, December 25th, 2020.”

Earlier this year, Nugent said that he voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election because the president was “ready to crush the status quo”.

Appearing as a guest on an edition of Triggered, hosted by Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., Nugent said: “I always tell everybody that Donald Trump is the closest you’ll ever get to Ted Nugent in politics.”

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