James Cameron reveals the new working title for ‘Terminator 6’

The latest film in the franchise is out in October

James Cameron has announced the new working title for Terminator 6.

The film’s executive producer and the director of the first two movies in the franchise revealed the title in a new interview.

Speaking to Yahoo, Cameron said the film was currently called Terminator: Dark Fate. “That’s our working title right now,” he said.


Discussing the work of the movie’s director, Tim Miller, he continued: “Tim’s a very wilful and opinionated director, and he’s got his own ideas for the film. I’m kind of like the Pips — he’s Gladys.”


He did, however, set down some conditions for his involvement this time around. “I said, ‘I can’t be involved in this film at all if Arnold [Schwarzenegger] is not in it,’” he said.

The film also sees Linda Hamilton reprise her role as Sarah Connor, after Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke both tried to fill the character’s shoes in recent instalments.

“Fans are going to want to see her again, and they’re going to want to see the real Sarah Connor and what time and dealing with these tragic futures has done to her,” Cameron said.

The first official image of Hamilton in the new Terminator was shared last summer, appearing alongside Natalia Reyes and Mackenzie Davis. Reyes is reported to be the lead in the reboot, playing Dani Ramos – a young woman in Mexico City.


Recently, Cameron revealed that he made a small number of changes to the script for the new film after Hamilton voiced “some concerns” at the start of shooting.

“You know, I didn’t work that closely with Linda,” Cameron told Digital Spy. “She had some concerns about the script. I wound up writing a few pages based on her questions and notes when they were really just getting into the start of principal photography.”


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