‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ debuts new trailer – video

Watch Andrew Garfield in action as Spidey on NME.COM

The new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has been released online.

Today (February 7) sees fans get their biggest glimpse yet of Andrew Garfield in action as Spidey/Peter Parker in the superhero debut from (500) Days Of Summer director Marc Webb. You can watch the trailer at the bottom of the page.

As well as showcasing some of the the revamped Spider-Man’s web-slinging antics, the trailer also reveals more of the story of the film. Promising to tell ‘The Untold Story’ of Peter Parker, the new film delves into the history of the mutated high-school student, as he stumbles across a mysterious briefcase holding clues as to the disappearance of his parents.

We also see him come face to face with the movie’s main villain Dr Curt Connors, played by Rhys Ifans, get up close with love interest Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, and come into conflict with her father George Stacy, played by Denis Leary.

Webb has explained that his version contains “darker, more intense feelings” than Sam Raimi’s trilogy, but promised fans that the “irreverent and fun” aspects of the mythology will remain.

The Amazing Spider-Man is released worldwide on July 3.