‘The Artist’ dog star Uggie retiring over neurological disorder

The real reason behind the canine actor's departure from the limelight is revealed

The Artist‘s canine star Uggie is retiring due to a rare neurological disorder.

The dog, who for many steals the show in the silent movie Oscar favourite, had already seen his retirement announced by his trainers.

Now it has been revealed that throughout filming he had been suffering from the mysterious and rare disorder, which has already cost thousands in vet bills, according to The Guardian.

Trainer Omar Von Muller said: “It comes and goes and, ironically, it is worse when he’s relaxed. When we were filming you could hardly notice it. It is a shame this has happened when he is getting the biggest success of his career, but we feel the best thing to do is to retire him after the Oscars.”

Uggie will now make what is expected to be his final public appearance at the forthcoming Academy Awards.

A clue as to the dog’s condition may be that he was considered “too wild” as a puppy and rejected by two owners. But it was this that prompted Von Muller to pull him out of obscurity, adding, “He was not afraid of things. This is what makes or breaks a dog in the movies.”