‘The Avengers’ first teaser and images released – video

Superhero supergroup assemble!

The first glimpse of The Avengers has emerged online, with the release of the first teaser for next summer’s superhero superflick.

The brief trailer is attached to the end of the new release, Captain America. As the clip, below, includes footage from the end of that film, those wanting to avoid spoilers should be warned not to watch.

For the uninitiated, read on to meet the heroes set to dominate next summer’s box office.

First up, The First Avenger, Captain America. Having bashed up the box office in America last weekend, the patriotic Steve Rodgers (played by Chris Evans) in on hand with his star-spangled shield.

Even though Hulk has had two cinematic outings in ten years, this is our first look at Mark Ruffalo‘s incarnation. In a nod to the legacy, Lou Ferrigno will voice the green giant.

The most successful of The Avengers thus far, Iron Man will do well not to eclipse the others. Robert Downey Jr and Tony Stark do, however, have a third solo outing in 2013, which might help keep the balance in check.

Thor is Avenger number four. Last time we saw the chiselled, hammer wielding God Of Thunder he was back on Asgard leaving poor Natalie Portman‘s Jane Foster forlorn. Whether or not the actress, or Thor‘s father as played by Anthony Hopkins, will appear in The Avengers is still unknown.

Adding to the main quartet is Hawkeye played by The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner, who appeared briefly in Thor, but is likely to get more screen time in 2012. There are no plans yet for a Clint Barton/Hawkeye standalone feature.

Black Widow, aka Natalie Romanova played by Scarlett Johansson kicked many a butt in fine fashion during Iron Man 2, and returns to wreak more havoc in the new film.

The crew all answer to SHIELD boss, Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, having made cameos in all the previous Avengers solo outings. Now, the wider agenda of Fury promises to come into play.

The Avengers is due for release in the UK on May 4 2012.