‘The Avengers’: New teaser footage released – video

Meanwhile, Joss Whedon denies that Spider-Man makes an appearance

More footage from The Avengers has been released online ahead of a preview at the Super Bowl.

Marvel will air an extended preview of the superhero ensemble blockbuster at the event on Sunday (February 5), and now a ten-second preview of the film has emerged. You can watch it at the bottom of the page.

The blink-and-you’ll miss it footage shows the first close-up shot of Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in action with Captain America (Chris Evans), and alien ships in combat with Iron Man (Robert Downey-Jr).

Meanwhile, director Joss Whedon has shot down reports that Spider-Man will make an appearance in the movie. During a live Twitter Q&A with fans, he said: “There is no Spider-Man cameo. But The Avengers to turn off the dark,” referring to the Broadway Spidey musical.

The speculation had come about after Jenny Agutter apparently got her superheroes mixed up in a magazine interview, telling the magazine that her trailer had been stationed between those of Iron Man and Spider-Man. Although part of the Marvel universe, Peter Parker’s alter-ego was not an Avenger.

The Avengers is released in cinemas on May 4.