‘The Avengers’ to be screened aboard International Space Station

Special screening held due to relationship between Disney and NASA

Avengers Assemble is to be screened on the International Space Station, 220 miles above earth.

The smash Marvel superhero mash-up is to be blasted into space to be watched by astronauts due to an ongoing relationship between Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney and NASA. The space organisation regularly allows Disney to use its facilities to film scenes for movies.

Commenting on the screening, Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito, said: “The studio is privileged to share Marvel’s The Avengers with those up in space exploring the universe.

“A special thanks goes to NASA for utilising their incredible technology to make this special screening miles above us in space happen. It is a screening that would make Tony Stark envious.”


In less positive news for Marvel, its studio was picketed by the American Federation of Musicians yesterday, according to Deadline.com. The body is unhappy that the studios used overseas musicians to scores its movies.

Last month, Avengers Assemble broke US box office records for the biggest opening weekend, taking $200.3 million (£124 million). The record was previously held by the debut of last year’s Harry Potter finale, which too $169.2 million.

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