‘The Beano’ dismisses claims ‘Inside Out’ rips off the Numskulls: ‘We’re flattered’

This week's Numskulls comic strip features an 'Inside Out'-themed storyline

The Beano has brushed off suggestions that Disney Pixar’s latest blockbuster, Inside Out, may have ripped off its long-running comic strip the Numskulls.

Boasting a voice cast that includes Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling, Inside Out takes place inside the mind of a young girl named Riley, where five personified emotions – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust – compete to guide her life choices. Many Beano readers have pointed out that the film’s premise bears a resemblance to that of the Numskulls, in which five tiny technicians live inside the head of a young boy called Edd Case and control his actions.

“We’re flattered that people have drawn similarities between the Numskulls and Inside Out!,” The Beano‘s Editor-in-Chief Mike Stirling told NME. “There are differences though, between Edd’s Numskulls and Riley’s emotions, so in The Beano this week Edd sees the movie to find out what everyone is talking about. This leaves the Numskulls confused, and a little intrigued!”

Check out a preview of this week’s Numskulls comic strip below.


Stirling added: “Everyone who has appeared in The Beano has taken it as a major compliment, and we hope that Riley’s emotions are pleased they’ve now got their own little piece of comic history too. Maybe they’ll be so pleased they’ll get us involved in the sequel?”

Inside Out opened in the US in June and in the UK earlier this month, and has become a major hit at the box office, grossing over $550 million (£350 million) at cinemas worldwide.