‘The Dark Knight Rises” Christian Bale: ‘I will never be Batman again’

Filming wraps up on the final installment of Christopher Nolan's trilogy

The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale has said he will never return to the Batman franchise.

The Hollywood actor, who was recently pictured on location at Trump Tower, also confirmed that filming for the superhero thriller has come to an end.

Bale told the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time I’m taking that [Batman mask] off.

He added: “Everything’s finished. It’s me and [director Christopher Nolan] – that will be the end of that Batman era.”

Nolan recently revealed the first details about the plot, explaining that the film takes place years after the last one.

He added: “We left him in a very precarious place. Perhaps surprisingly for some people, our story picks up quite a bit later, eight years after The Dark Knight. So he’s an older Bruce Wayne; he’s not in a great state.”

Liam Neeson also recently distanced himself from rumours that he will feature in the forthcoming movie.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in the UK on July 20, 2012.