‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Michelle Pfeiffer backs Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Pfieffer says her successor will be 'great' in upcoming Batman film

Michelle Pfeiffer has backed her Catwoman successor Anne Hathaway.

Pfeiffer famously portrayed Batman’s villainous love interest, aka Selina Kyle, opposite Michael Keaton in Tim Burton‘s 1992 film Batman Returns.

The iconic character is making a reappearance in Christopher Nolan‘s forthcoming trilogy closer The Dark Knight Rises, played by Hathaway.

Lending her support, Pfeiffer told Hollywood Life:

I think [Anne] is going to be amazing. She has the darkness and the comedy – she’s got it all. She’s going to be great.

Inbetween the two womens’ portrayals, Catwoman was played by Halle Berry in an ill-fated solo movie. In the camp 1960s TV show she was played variously by Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar and Lee Merriweather.

Hathaway’s Catwoman costume has provoked controversy recently. The actress responded saying: “If you don’t like the photo, you can only see about a tenth of what the suit can do. And if you do like it, you have excellent taste.”