A “sickening” death scene was cut from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

"I remember I looked at Christopher Nolan when we shot it and his face was white"

An actor on The Dark Knight Rises has said his character’s death scene was cut for being too violent.

Matthew Modine, who plays Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley in Christopher Nolan’s film, explained how the filmmaker scrapped his scene due to excessive violence.

On the Cinema Blend Reel Blend podcast, Modine explained why his final moments didn’t make the finished cut of the film.


“[Nolan] cut my death scene out of Dark Knight Rises,” he began. “Because he said it was so violent that it would have gotten an NC-17 rating.”

He explained: “After Bane dies and Batman… gets stabbed, [Talia al Ghul] gets in one of those vehicles.

“She starts to drive away, and I’m shooting at her. And I got run over. All it does is, it just cuts, and I’m on the ground, dead.”

On the specifics of the scene, Modine added: “But it was so violent. The guy that was doubling me got hit by the car. They put a plexiglass thing on the front of [the car] and he got hit.

“They had ropes to pull him into the air, but he went up and they dropped him from about 15 feet, and the sound of his body hitting the cobblestone street in front of the New York Stock Exchange, it was sickening.”


The actor highlighted how Nolan himself had reservations about the scene. “I remember I looked at Christopher Nolan when we shot it and his face was white,” he explained.

The Dark Knight Rises was released in 2012, to mixed reviews.