‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer to première before ‘Harry Potter’?

Speculation that Batman's latest will tease before wizard finale

Rumours are swirling that fans will get their first glimpse of an official teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises before the final instalment of Harry Potter.

The news, cited by Superherohype, comes from a ‘trustworthy source’, quite possibly a projectionist already putting together the trailer sets for the final wizard film.

The source says the trailer will be a minute and 33 seconds in length.

As both films are released by Warner Bros, logic would dictate that the possibility of such a teaser hitting cinemas this weekend is high. Yet with the second sequel having only recently begun filming, chances are any teaser would lack any real footage.

More likely, the teaser trailer will follow the formula for the previous Christopher Nolan directed Batman films and be more preoccupied with theme than content.

Last month a fan-made trailer was released with many questioning its authenticity, before it was revealed to be a fake.

The Dark Knight Rises will not be shot in 3D and is set for UK release on July 20, 2012.