‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Warners deny Bane audio re-edit

But audiences are still complaining that the Batman villain sounds inaudible in trailers

Warner Brothers have denied reports that supervillain Bane’s voice has been re-edited in The Dark Knight Rises.

Since the nine-minute prologue to Christopher Nolan‘s Batman sequel was released on IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, audiences have complained that Tom Hardy‘s character sounds inaudible.

And yesterday, the Collider blog ran a story claiming that a new sound mix had been sent out to cinemas.


However, the site has now issued an apology after a Warner representative categorically denied the claims that there had been any tweak to the audio. It read: “I spoke to a representative from IMAX. They told me that they have not issued a new mix for The Dark Knight Rises, but some theatres have been sent the digital file that would have been played on an analogue system.

“Again, they say this digital delivery does not change the way Bane sounds or any of the background noise. Needless to say, I’m sorry we posted something that appears to be inaccurate. Saying that, I’ve seen the IMAX prologue three times and I still struggle to understand what Bane is saying. It’s a real issue.”

Yet in a further twist, New York Times writer Dave Itzkoff has since suggested on Twitter that there may be more truth to the claims that the studio admits. After first writing that “Warner Bros say ‘no truth’ to reports of new Dark Knight Rises trailers going out with fixed Bane audio,” he then retweeted a post from TheFilmStage: “Viewers have seen both and reporting that it is indeed a much cleaner version. Looks like they just don’t want to own up.”

The character of Bane breathes chemicals through a mask on his face which gives him super strength. Judge for yourself by watching the trailer above.Video