‘The Departed’ writer to work on ‘Sin City 2’ script

William Monahan hired to polish graphic novel sequel

William Monahan, the Oscar-Winning writer of The Departed, has been hired to work on the sequel to Sin City.

The Sin City 2 script, by Frank Miller – the comic book’s original author – was said to have been completed last month. Monahan will be providing a polish on the final draft.

Earlier this month the original film’s co-director, Robert Rodriguez, told MTV News:

We’re still working on the script for Sin City 2. I’m excited about that. The time is finally coming. We’ve been telling everybody that we’re going to shoot this year, so we actually have to shoot this year.

No actors have yet to sign up for the sequel but Rodriguez says the door is open for all surviving cast members to return. One star name still being touted for a part is Angelina Jolie.


The sequel has been a long time coming, with rumours of its creation beginning as soon as the first was released in 2005. It grossed $158 million (£96 million) worldwide from an estimated budget of $40 million (£24 million).

Since the release of Sin City, Robert Rodriguez has had mixed success. His much-hyped Grindhouse double-bill with Quentin Tarantino failed to attract a cinema audience, however, Grindhouse spin-off, Machete, fared better.

As for Frank Miller, the writer enjoyed success with 300, while his own film The Spirit sank without trace in early 2009.

The latest film by Robert Rodriguez, children’s flick Spy Kids 4, is out in cinemas now.