‘The Flash’ director has let slip a huge new cameo

The DC movie is set for release on June 16

Andy Muschietti, the director of the forthcoming The Flash movie has let slip a huge new cameo.

The DC movie, which is set for release on June 16 recently revealed that both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck would feature in a recent trailer.

Now Muschietti has revealed that Nicolas Cage will appear as Superman in The Flash.


“Nic was absolutely wonderful,” Muschietti told Esquire Middle East. “He is a massive Superman fan. A comic book fanatic.”

“Although the role was a cameo, he dove into it,” the director added. “I dreamt all my life to work with him. I hope I can work with him again soon.”

Nicolas Cage CREDIT: Leon Bennett/WireImage

Cage was set to appear in Tim Burton’s cancelled ‘90s superhero film Superman Lives, which, according to Cage previously, was shelved after Warner Bros. lost “a lot of money” on Burton’s 1996 film Mars Attacks!.

“It was more of a 1980s Superman with like, the samurai black long hair,” Cage said about the cancelled interpretation. “I thought it was gonna be a really different, sort of emo Superman, but we never got there.”

The Flash also stars Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston.


Meanwhile, the third instalment of NME Screens will give film fans the chance to see The Flash early at a special preview event.

Taking place at Warner House in London on June 1, the screening comes ahead of the film’s release on June 16. Exclusive NME and The Flash merch will also be on offer – tickets are free and available now via Dice.

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