‘The Hobbit’ director Peter Jackson has rebuilt Bilbo Baggins’ house in his basement

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Danny DeVito are said to be regular visitors

Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson has apparently recreated Bilbo Baggins’ house, Bag End, in the grounds of his New Zealand mansion.

Bino Smith, a crew member on both of the director’s acclaimed Tolkien trilogies, revealed in a new interview that after shooting on the films finished, he and several other members of the technical team helped Jackson to build a replica of the Bag End set in his basement.

“His eye for detail, was such that we had to build it right down to the feather, so everything is exactly the same as the movie – but it’s liveable,” Smith told Stuff. “There’s nothing like it in this world. People can stay there. Bag End is underground. You have to go under tunnels to get to it.”


Explaining how visitors can reach Jackson’s own private Bag End once they arrive at the director’s mansion, Smith added: “You got the house, then you go down to the wine cellar and you pull a bottle, and it opens up a door, then you step out a look down this corridor – about 35 metres, we had to create it, then you go down one part, then there’s a skeleton and some bodies, then you come out to a mock ‘torture chamber’, then you pull a book in a bookcase and the bookcase opens, and you walk into Bag End.”

Smith also revealed that Jackson regularly welcomes his filmmaking friends into his Bag End set replica. “It’s a playground. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are over here all the time. Danny DeVito is one of his best mates. And it’s just for them. And they got the shelterbelt and everything,” Smith said.