‘The Human Centipede 2’ takes just £942 at the UK box office

The horror film's controversy has not translated into receipts

The Human Centipede 2 took less than £1,000 at the UK box office on its opening weekend.

Tom Six‘s controversial horror sequel was finally granted a UK release last week after two minutes and 37 seconds removed in order to obtain an 18 certificate. But the controversy surrounding it has not translated into receipts, according to The Guardian.

The film took £942 when it opened on 10 UK cinema screens, compared to the first film’s £6,145 at 14 sites in August last year. In contrast, acclaimed British gay drama Weekend proved the week’s big independent hit, taking £32,919 in 11 cinemas. You can watch interviews with the cast and crew of Weekend at the bottom of this page.

Talking about the Human Centipede 2 controversy, star Laurence R Martin told NME recently: “[The BBFC] rejected it and then put out a press release that was so absurd, and viewed the film from a particular point of view, and they overstepped their remit in doing that and it was detrimental to the film and to the BBFC.”

However, Six added that the publicity had given the film an advantage:

They cut out a bit of the sexual violence but [the story] all stays really in place. So I’m so very happy now that a UK audience is able to see it now and it did very well for us because it was such a huge marketing thing, everybody was talking about the film because of them banning it.

Six also said that he is planning to make a third and final Human Centipede film.

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